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Hands On, Ultimate Test Drive Event - The Power of Next Generation Protection

PhoenixPro, a leading security integrator held a highly successful event on 27th November 2012, at the Cyprus Hilton delivering the Ultimate Test Drive!. 

The event which was sponsored and co-hosted by our strategic partner Palo Alto Networks was attended by several CIOs, IT Directors and IT Managers from several companies who had the opportunity to learn more about how a Zero Trust Architecture can be implemented using the Next Generation Firewalls of Palo Alto Networks.

Infocom World 2012

PhoenixPro Cloud.Secured solutions are proud to be sponsoring the 14th Conference, Infocom World 2012 which will be held in Athens, Greece on October 30th 2012.  PhoenixPro's CEO will announce the launch of the most innovative security solutions as part of the Cloud.Secured portfolio.

4th Infocom.Cy Conference 2012

PhoenixPro has sponsored the 4th Infocom.Cy Conference 2012.  PhoenixPro's CEO delivered a unique presentation, explaining how the ISO27001 methodology for risk assessment and threat and vulnerability can be effectively used for assessing and prioritising risks and controls at the level of a country's critical infrastructure, including Telecoms.

Cloud Vulnerability Management

PhoenixPro, a leading information security solution provider with its partner Outpost24 organised a successful Vulnerability Assessment & Management workshop held at the Hilton Cyprus