IT Strategy

Defining an effective IT strategy is a challenge in itself.  Ensuring that it is aligned to the business’ needs and strategies is a task that can not be underestimated or left to chance.

Technology Restructuring & Transformation

Senior business executives are often frustrated over the real or perceived failure of IT to deliver.  It is equally common however that no action is taken to address this challenge.

PhoenixPro Consulting.Pro has clear methodologies, total commitment and a hands-on implementation approach to initiate and lead technology-driven innovation in your business.

Enterprise Architecture Design & Implementation

We work with the organisation’s senior business management team (typically CEO / CIO / COO) to understand strategic and operational objectives and design a technology Enterprise Architecture. Following its approval, we work with the entire business team to implement this Architecture seeking maximum benefit and minimum disruption

Data Centre Colocation Provider Selection

The decision to in-house or outsource business or technology operations is not new.  What is increasingly being challenged however, is the traditional choice of the in-house data centre. We have unparalleled experience, deep knowledge and understanding of the available options and strategies within Europe and other continents.