Cloud Vulnerability Management

The CEO of PhoenixPro, Georgios A. Korellis thanked the attendees for their active participation and enthusiasm throughout the presentations and the attack demonstrations.

He commented specifically on the high numbers of students and their strong interest to learn evolving and new ways of penetration, and also possible control techniques.


PhoenixPro a leading information security solution provider with its partner Outpost24 organised a successful Vulnerability Assessment & Management workshop held at the Hilton Cyprus.  The event presented cloud and on-premises based options for executing periodic audits and security vulnerability assessments by organisations. 

The participants, showed particular interest in the capabilities for integration to their internal Helpdesk Ticketing systems used as well as the capabilities for rich and detailed reporting.
PhoenixPro's CEO, Georgios A. Korellis commented that the main reasons for choosing Outpost24 as its Vulnerability Management solution partner revolve around the rich functionality, the flexible pricing options and the ability to satisfy regulatory and other industry frameworks such as PCI.