Hands On, Ultimate Test Drive Event - The Power of Next Generation Protection

PhoenixPro’s CEO Georgios A. Korellis commented: “our guests today had the opportunity to experience in real life during a hands-on session, the effectiveness and totally different approach of the Next Generation Firewalls of Palo Alto Networks.  The extremely positive comments and feedback we received, revolved around the effectiveness of Palo Alto Networks NGF to safely enable business applications and not deny in order to control, which is the typical approach with traditional firewalls

PhoenixPro is extremely proud to be representing Palo Alto Networks in Cyprus, providing in this way the ability to our customers to upgrade their degree of security control and effectiveness”

PhoenixPro, a leading security integrator held a highly successful event on 27th November 2012, at the Cyprus Hilton delivering the Ultimate Test Drive!. 

The event which was sponsored and co-hosted by our strategic partner Palo Alto Networks was attended by several CIOs, IT Directors and IT Managers from several companies who had the opportunity to learn more about how a Zero Trust Architecture can be implemented using the Next Generation Firewalls of Palo Alto Networks.

In parallel, Security Administrators from more than 20 organisations of the private and public sector benefited from an exciting presentation addressing the Unknown Malware Risk.  This technical presentation was followed by the Ultimate Test Drive which allowed our guests to gain hands-on experience using the Palo Alto Networks Next Generation Firewalls in a live environment, implementing different policy scenarios designed to safely enable business applications into corporate networks.  Of particular interest and focus where the Palo Alto Network technologies for application identification and control on non-standard ports; modern malware protection; intrusion and threat prevention etc.