Attack & Penetration and Vulnerability Assessment


We use internationally recognised methodologies for external as well as internal penetration testing assignments which may include social engineering procedures, wireless penetration or application-specific testing



  • Independent assessment of the technical security profile of your technology-dependent business operations
  • Evaluation of the risks involved against the integrity, confidentiality and availability of systems and information which you use, store and process
  • Modular approach to allow separate assessment of risks from outside or within your internal network or those which are specific to web or other business applications
  • Assessment of threat levels from opportunistic hackers or individuals who are executing industrial espionage against your network, systems and information


  • Business view via the Executive Summary
  • Execution based on internationally recognised attack and penetration methodologies and techniques
  • Options for external, internal, wireless, application and social engineering modules
  • Defined execution timetable
  • Practical and specific recommendations for remediation
  • Support for regulatory, compliance, internal and external audit objectives