Interim CIO


This solution is focused on business leaders that sanction significant ongoing and project-based investments in their technology operations and infrastructure, but do not feel that they receive adequate value and return on those investments.

PhoenixPro Consulting.Pro brings multi-year Chief Information Officer / IT Director experience and undertake the delivery of hands-on and ongoing management of an organisation’s Technology function.



  • Implement focused, point-solutions fast!
  • Get recognizable, tangible value from technology investments
  • Rationalise IT investments and align them to business needs
  • Involve IT at appropriate stages in project design
  • IT should work like the rest of the business, to a budget!



  • Competitive advantage from IT and business applications
  • Value from IT is clear to the business and users
  • IT budgets are actively and professionally managed
  • Adoption of new technology capabilities at the right time
  • Reduced key person reliance
  • “Operationalisation” of IT
  • Options and alternatives for point solutions or complete architectures
  • IT training is rationalised and aligned to business needs
  • Improved IT team moral, early engagement by the business
  • Increased user satisfaction
  • Security is part of  normal processes, not an add-on
  • Hardware standardisation
  • Corporate information and data security at reasonable cost