Procurement Business Process Outsourcing


Design and implementation of a strategic approach to the way you enter into agreements or Contracts for purchasing and sourcing products and services as part of routine operations.

Implementation of a structured approach for identifying and delivering tangible cost savings, as well as service quality enhancements in the short, medium and long term


  • Renegotiate Contracts with suppliers
  • Positively influence profitability
  • Improve commercial terms from key suppliers and / or service providers
  • Achieve price reductions and cash flow advantages compared to existing arrangements
  • Maintain Service Level Agreements (“SLAs”) reflected in current contracts or other formal arrangements
  • Remove unnecessary or unwanted SLAs and other terms, in exchange for reductions in the cost of such contracts and
  • Conclude renewed or updated contracts with suppliers


  • Reduce costs and enhance the quality you receive
  • Adopt best practices, derived from international experiences and standards
  • Implement Contracts which are fair and balanced
  • Maintain and enhance your relationships with key suppliers
  • Knowledge and know-how transfer to your team
  • Transfer of procurement process ownership to you