Contracts & Service Level Agreements (SLAs)


As a Business Owner or a Senior Executive, you often wonder whether the value you receive from annually recurring Contracts, and the fees you pay for them are desirable or even necessary.

With vast experience in Contract drafting, review and assessment, PhoenixPro is able to assist you challenge the continued need or business relevance of your running Contracts.


  • Maintain only the correct type and number of maintenance contracts
  • Assure a clear exit route from contractual commitments
  • Align suppliers’ interests with those of the organisation
  • Identify key contracts and consider and evaluate their scope and SLA
  • Benchmark scope and fees to current market norms and standards
  • Identify opportunities for cost reductions and quality enhancements


  • Increase profitability
  • Receive the quality you pay for
  • Avoid hidden costs
  • Contracts are aligned to the overall business strategy
  • Increased value through persistent but fair negotiation
  • Materially reduced annually recurring contract fees for same scope and SLA
  • Severely reduced non-standard costs embedded in Contracts
  • Consolidation of vendors
  • Ensure that Contract SLAs (and fees) reflect current business needs
  • Effective processes to ensure that Contractual deliverables are received
  • Long term discounts AND short term flexibility and agility