RFI & RFP Design and Execution


We provide expert Procurement Consulting services designed to support formal sourcing processes for an organization’s products and services’ needs, through the execution of full blown RFI / RFP processes.



CUSTOMER NEEDS                                        

  • Streamlined procurement process
  • Defined business requirements
  • Price benchmarking and strong value for money
  • No hidden costs
  • “Adequate” quality in line with business needs
  • Agility and scalability in the contract
  • Certainty in business planning
  • Innovation through new technologies and solutions
  • Effective use of outsourcing strategies


  • High quality and high ROI
  • Reduced total costs of ownership
  • Selection and choice based on awareness of new solutions / capabilities
  • Cash flow management
  • Transparency in contracts
  • Demonstrably ethical procurement and fair play
  • Vendor loyalty and respect via WIN-WIN negotiation approach
  • Cost reduction via Frame Agreements