Strategic Procurement Consulting & Implementation


We provide highly innovative Strategic Procurement Consulting services to setup a full blown Procurement capability along with related methodologies and systems to support formal sourcing processes for an organization’s products and services needs.



  • Reduce operational cost base and control spend quickly
  • Strike appropriate balance between too few and too many suppliers
  • Rationalise number of suppliers and increase supplier loyalty
  • Reduce and manage contractual risks
  • Achieve appropriate balance between supplier commitment vs. value and undesirable supplier lock-in
  • Streamline procurement requests and approvals processes
  • Avoid bureaucracy and increase procurement effectiveness


  • Increase profitability
  • Buy and receive the quality you pay for
  • Ensure financial transparency in procurement
  • Conclude fair and balanced contracts
  • Contain and avoid contract and project risks
  • Avoid hidden costs
  • Logistics control over supplies and orders
  • Contain bureaucracy, use adequate process formality
  • Higher degree of certainty in business planning
  • Increased value through persistent but fair negotiation
  • Options for “Strategic” or “Tactical” procurement and sourcing execution