Data Centre Colocation Provider Selection

Solution Overview

The decision to in-house or outsource business or technology operations is not new. 

What is increasingly being challenged however, is the traditional choice of the in-house data centre.

We have unparalleled experience, deep knowledge and understanding of the available options and strategies within Europe and other continents.



Customer Needs

  • Assess and evaluate the comparative benefits of maintaining a data centre in house or choosing a 3rd party specialist, colocation provider
  • Consider and prioritise the available options based on business criticality of the data centre segments to be moved to a colocation provider
  • Negotiate the optimum commercial and contractual terms for using a colocation provider

Customer Benefits

  • Evaluation of tangible and qualitative comparative benefits
  • Avoid hidden costs
  • Best possible commercial, contractual and technical terms
  • Flexibility in the selection process to support a procurement stragegy of a single tender of full RFP
  • Demonstrable adherence to regulatory, compliance, internal and external audit objectives