Technology Restructuring & Transformation


Senior business executives are often frustrated over the real or perceived failure of IT to deliver.  It is equally common however that no action is taken to address this challenge.

PhoenixPro Consulting.Pro has clear methodologies, total commitment and a hands-on implementation approach to initiate and lead technology-driven innovation in your business.


  • IT to behave like any other division and be subject to budgets, deadlines, deliverables….
  • Increase performance and speed of business applications
  • Challenge and reduce all recurring costs
  • Reorganise the IT team so as they are aligned to business divisions and objectives


  • Technology-driven change management
  • Clear vision and implementation approach
  • Competitive advantage through technology
  • Quantifiable results and benefits
  • Strong project ownership and management
  • Costed strategy, without hidden costs and surprises
  • Excitement and passion instilled into your team through new projects