PhoenixPro was founded with a specific set of core values that characterize our business ethos, customer service approach and solution design and delivery


To deliver leading edge solutions and ways of working, that continuously improve by design, and address our customers’ evolving needs.

Commitment to Excellence

Our mission statement is "Built to Last". This is reflected in everything we do and is demonstrated by our uncompromising commitment to quality in solution design, project execution, ongoing customer communication, employee satisfaction and fair business practices.

Professionalism, Courtesy and Respect

We advocate and actively practice these key behaviors which define our corporate culture and ethos. Professionalism is evidenced in all our deliverables, and courtesy and respect to customers and partners is our way of doing things.



To deliver solutions and services that reflect and benefit from deep market and business sector knowledge; strong insight of your business processes; and the latest methodologies, technologies and approaches.

Positive Attitude

We believe that a positive, “can do” attitude is what facilitates an effective relationship with our customers and results in tangible, feasible and practical solutions and service delivery. At the same time, we seek to advise our customers of practical challenges and risks in relation to strategies and decisions they are evaluating and assist them overcome such challenges and turn them into opportunities.

Customer Loyalty

Our business strategy reflects a selective and targeted approach to business development and customer acquisition, so as to ensure consistently high standards of service and quality delivery. In addition, our pricing methodology is designed to honour and reward customers’ long term commitment to PhoenixPro, by adopting high quality solutions at a commercially justifiable cost.


Merit & Competence

We treat our employees with respect and strive to offer unparalleled job satisfaction through the promotion of a meritocratic environment with very high professional standards. PhoenixPro offers practical recognition for commitment to our goals and culture and rewards professionalism and competence through an impressive portfolio of customers and projects, varied opportunities for career advancement and formal and transparent performance evaluation processes.