Solution Overview

The promise of effective Intrusion and Threat Prevention and Detection systems remains mostly unmet.
False positives or negatives, unacceptable network complexity, high administrative cost and lack of inhouse expertise to manage these technologies are they key factors for this.






Customer Benefits

PhoenixPro Cloud IPS & Content Security is one of the most innovative solutions in the world today, offering unmatched effectiveness and low administrative overhead, backed by unmatched expertise in the cloud.

  • Very high IPS throughout, per € / $ spent
  • Executive IPS Dashboard
  • User-based IPS Policies
  • Controlled terminal services enablement, with user-based policies
  • Reduced Attack Surface (requires NGFaaS)
  • Mobile User IPS with no additional software
  • Manage your IPS Policies (Optional, requires NGFaaS)
  • IPS Alerts via email
  • Granular IPS Policy responses, (drop, block, allow, log, reporting)
  • SSL SSH Inspection (Optional)