If your experience from our Public Security Cloud solutions (demo or real), is as positive as we believe it will be, you may request our Private Security Cloud Solutions for business, regulatory or technical reasons



If your needs are such that you require your own security infrastructure, but delivered to your users as a cloud service which is managed by your team (and optionally hosted at your premises), we can assist you achieving this objective.  To do this, we shall work with you to:


  • Define the specific requirements
  • Propose and cost a specific design
  • Secure the financial and human resources
  • Implement your own Private Security Cloud at a location to be agreed)
  • Transfer the knowledge to your team to manage it
  • Provide ongoing support and troubleshooting services


  • Total control of a world-class security architecture
  • Point solutions or full security infrastructures
  • Technologies from recognised global security leaders
  • Adherence to local regulatory or legal requirements
  • Buy or “lease” options
  • Capability to maximise the use of your own resources
  • Inhouse or Hosted security cloud
  • Knowledge transfer to your own team
  • Potential “recycling” of existing investments (subject to review by PhoenixPro and our terms and conditions)
  • Option for management and administration by PhoenixPro