Are you addressing the critical threats from within?  Are (typically inadequate) physical controls ever enough?

Do you still treat all who have or are given access to your networks and systems (employees, contractors, guests, consultants) as fully trusted?

How are you addressing major new trends such as BYOD and mobility, in your internal security efforts?



PhoenixPro offers leading solutions from reputable vendors for Network Access Control (NAC) / Unified Access Control (UAC) that are designed to allow administrators to focus on their daily routines rather than having to worry about the “internal threat”.


  • Dynamic, standards-based, vendor-agnostic access control
  • Network authentication, role-based security and posture assessment
  • Identity-enabled control and security
  • Existing AAA infrastructure utilisation
  • Existing network investment protection
  • Security policy compliance enforcement
  • Risk mitigation from viruses, worms, and malware
  • Mobile user visibility and enforcement