PhoenixPro is the sole partner for Cyprus, for PaloAlto Networks www.paloaltonetworks.com, a global security leader who has been changing the firewall and threat and intrusion prevention markets.


  • Secure application enablement
  • Proven technologies for firewalling and threat prevention
  • Robust solution, with redundancy capabilities
  • Powerful and flexible functionality
  • Innovation in security capabilities of the de facto security device, the firewall!



Using PaloAlto Next Generation Security devices, PhoenixPro offers solutions that result in unmatched protection for corporate environments.  By implementing PaloAlto Networks Next Generation Security devices, our customers enjoy outstanding security capability which helps truly protect your entire enterprise network and resources.
This unique technology has recently been assessed a “Leader” in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant and has received fantastic scores in security effectiveness as well as value for money by NSS Labs, an independent technical testing Analyst Group and other globally reputable Analysts.
The key benefits of choosing Palo Alto and PhoenixPro for your security and protection needs are: 
  • Secure enablement of business applications
  • Full visibility into network traffic and positive enablement (not just "allow" or "deny")
  • Innovative and world-class Threat Prevention and Application Control
  • Network simplification through consolidation of security technologies
  • Capability to identify and analyze targeted and unknown malware through the use of the Wildfire technology
  • Automated analysis of unknown files for malicious behaviour and forensic analysis and protection for newly discovered malware, also through Widlfire
  • Ability for targeted SSL inspection for encrypted traffic
  • High performance processing
  • Secure remote access for your team of administrators, business users (e.g. for remote email access) and key business partners (for secure remote support)
  • Ability for Site-to-Site VPN with other offices (assuming those offices have a PA or other compatible appliance installed), allowing secure, continuous access across the sites
  • Active Directory integration for increased visibility and control, not only for URL filtering but for policy enforcement and logging across firewalling and threat prevention functionality