Solution Overview

NGFaaS provides next generation firewalling capabilities to your team without any data centre or branch office deployment, running costs or maintenance headaches.




Customer Benefits

Our Next Generation Firewall as a Service ("NGFaaS") provides unique functionality to our customers, without the need to deploy any hardware or software at your premises.  By acting as the main internet gateway to your infrastructure and applications, Cloud.Secured's Cloud NFG solution, delivers amazing benefits the most important of which are:

  • Be the administrator of your Next Generation Firewall  and manage your security policies and posture (optional)
  • Securely enable business applications and reduce the attack surface against your infrastructure
  • Stop denying business applications due to lack of ability to control the traffic flow
  • Implement application-based policies
  • Gain visibility of application traffic and identify undesired user or system behaviour
  • Enjoy secure access to detailed firewall logs
  • Implement different administrative / user groups
  • Implement detailed Security Administrator activity logging
  • Benefit from the ability to inspect SSL traffic, on selected groups of users