Solution Overview

Redundancies, downsizing and an increasing threat landscape mean that the role of super users and powerful system administrators is continuously increasing.

In addition to deciding who monitors such users, an even more important question is how they can be monitored or controlled.

Powerful and functionality-rich Superuser Activity Monitoring or Privileged Activity Monitoring solutions are designed to result in regulatory and senior management assurance.





Customer Benefits

Privileged Activity Monitoring solutions, help control privileged access to remote servers and networking devices, as well as to record activities in movie-like audit trails that can be searched and replayed.  The key functionality offered and benefits that can be derived are:

  • 4-eye authorization
  • Gateway authentication
  • User identification and mapping
  • Password management
  • Audit remote system access
  • Reliable information for forensics
  • Control protocol for specific channels
  • Support for SSH, RDP, Telnet, Citrix ICA, VMware View, VNC
  • Audit SCP, SFTP
  • Detailed access control and logging
  • Independent appliance for increased management assurance
  • VMware virtual appliance
  • Easy integration with existing infrastructures
  • High Availability options
  • Web based search interface
  • Search and reporting capabilities