Solution Overview

Threat and intrusion prevention and detection have been around for many years.

UTMs have proven inadequate to address the challenges posed as they are too general in their defence approach and too inflexible and throughput-hungry.

Technology and security teams have had to accept high rates of false alarms (positives or negatives) and either compromise the user experience or accept a higher degree of risk.

PhoenixPro can help you effectively identify and stop attacks through state of the art technology and security protection.

Customer Benefits 

Our solutions focus in inspecting all applications, all ports, all the time, removing the ability of malicious applications to hide.  We reduce in this way the attack surface through positive application identification and enablement and inspection of traffic through an innovative packet processing approach:

  • real time threat prevention
  • identification and protection of users regardless of IP address
  • stream-based engine ensures high performance
  • severe reduction in false positives and negatives
  • secure application enablement regardless of port, protocol, encryption, or evasive tactic
  • fine-grained control over applications (allow, deny, limit, scan, shape)
  • granularity of intrusion and threat prevention policy to group or even user level
  • detailed logging and reporting
  • reduced network complexity and architecture
  • amazing Return on Security Investment (ROSI)