Solution Overview

Vulnerability Assessment & Management needs to be a core part of every organisation’s daily operations as it is no longer restricted to the Security team. 

In the dynamic area of vulnerability identification and protection from new and emerging risks, patching has become an important task of Server Administrator routines.

To help structure and manage the ever increasing number of new threats and risks and the dynamism which characterises today’s technology environments, PhoenixPro offers solutions that can become critical enforcement tools for the organisations’ security policy around this important area.





Customer Benefits

The key benefits from implementing a Vulnerability Assessment & Management solution as part of your operations are:


  • Market-leading vulnerability coverage
  • Support for all common operating systems, applications & network components
  • Generic Web application scanning and extensive coverage for Web vulnerabilities
  • High scanning accuracy with virtually zero false positives / negatives
  • Customizable scanning settings
  • Powerful asset discovery and grouping capabilities
  • Approved Scanning Vendor for PCI-DSS with PCI compliance reporting
  • Flexible analysis and reporting engine
  • Advanced multi-user permission control
  • Workflow management
  • Trouble ticketing and verification scanning
  • CVSS v2 vulnerability risk scoring
  • Scalable architecture
  • Vulnerability data stored on the appliance
  • Cloud Software as a Service ("SaaS") or On-Premise options