Solution Overview

Internet use continues to grow and evolve with Web 2.0. 

Along with the business benefits come new and unexplored web-borne malware attacks, which are increasing in intensity and evolving in complexity.





Customer Benefits

PhoenixPro offers leading technology solutions designed to allow your business take advantage of Web 2.0 capabilities at the same time as avoiding losing control of enterprise security.  By implementing our solutions, you benefit from:

  • Policy enforcement to all users, all the time irrespective of location
  • Granular, user-based policies through Active Directory integration
  • Multiple policy actions and options (not just allow or deny)
  • Protection and enhancement of employee productivity
  • Extended malware protection
  • Enterprise-class data leakage prevention
  • Real-time security scanning
  • Web gateway antivirus
  • URL filtering
  • Real-time updates